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Group IELTS review

The group review encourages test takers to think creatively and build strong communication skills, fostering better understanding. Sharing information can pave the way for effective and fun learning experience as well as provide valuable insights into the four components of the IELTS test: LISTENING, READING, WRITING and SPEAKING.

Taking part in a group review can make you feel more confident and comfortable about reaching your goals, thereby helping you prepare better for the real test, especially in hitting your target scores. Candidates tend to learn faster reviewing within a group versus studying alone. When having the group review, they can have the opportunity to do practice tests together, exchange ideas, and learn from one another. One or more candidates are likely to understand something others do not.

From 5,500 PHP
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Conducted by an IELTS expert, the IELTS group review not only provides techniques and tips for acing the IELTS test, but also a range of theoretical and practical exercises.

With a minimum number of 5 and a maximum number of 10 reviewees per session, the GROUP REVIEW is an excellent way to prepare for the IELTS test in a group environment which encourages effective communication and fosters creative skills. Not only will you be mentally equipped, but also emotionally and physically ready.

The intensive group review runs for a month, four hours every day from Monday to Friday with morning and afternoon sessions.

From 5,500 PHP

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Individual IELTS review

This online IELTS review is tailored to your unique needs, with strategies and approaches that ensure improvement of your weaknesses and enhancement of your strengths. This program takes your individual differences into consideration, and includes a detailed needs analysis to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

The one-on-one review program includes both theoretical and practical exercises with an IELTS EXPERT who guides you every step of the way and helps you improve your chances of hitting your target scores.

From 7,500 PHP

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